Product Warranty

TailHigh puts global sales and customer satisfaction as the top priority. We are doing our best to create an outdoor culture with dogs.

If you have any problems while selling the product, please contact us. We will process the received case as quickly as possible.

In case of quality problems due to defective products, be sure to collect the defective product from the customer and submit the C/S application in the form below, and we will contact you by email after confirmation.

C/S policy

1. Check the received information.

2. Report the status of receipt by e-mail to the seller by country.

3. We manage the C/S list for each vendor and send the corresponding quantity in addition to the next purchase.

4. Return the faulty product to the head office once a month or according to the schedule discussed.

5. Analyze the received content and reflect it in product improvement.

TailHigh will grow in a responsible way together with global sellers.

C/S registration


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